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    Professional business web solutions!

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    Your wishes are our motivational driving force

    Knowledge of tools and an understanding of your wishes are the best guarantee of achieving your business visions and ideas.


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    Simple yet modern solutions for each eye

    Graphic solutions of complex visions of your business are displayed in a clear and aesthetically pleasing manner.


What we do

We offer simple solutions at competitive prices, fulfilling the wishes of clients in a fast and efficient way by offering professional solutions.
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Services overview

  • » Graphic design of various formats and forms
  • » Web design and content administrating
  • » Application programming and web solutions

About us

Twisted Studios is a new company that makes a young but experienced team of professionals with extensive experience in the most demanding and complex projects. Find out today!

High-quality visualization and fast transfer of good ideas.


Implementation of the project does not mean the production itself, but also the full support.

Our portfolio is a short section of our activities over the years and can not display all that was needed to reach the final goal, because after all, a "finished product" is really never finished. Only regular administration of the content of your web solutions are gaining in importance and the seriousness of the business.

Consulting and education

Overview of our services is the business that is not only a creative function but advisory and educational function to present our services as ready-made packages in the form of "plug and play" solutions.



Any serious business project needs also advisory function so that the customer can understand the creative as well as the technical side of the whole process and thus speed up and simplify the implementation itself.




Only basic, but serious educating the client, business processes are passed on, and only companies that have their own IT staff provides independent administrating without additional implementation on the side.



Three features that make business more competitive and professional:





Nagradnjaca.hr - Current project represents a breakthrough in the promoting and presenting in a new distinctive way.


Andragosko-uciliste.hr - Private college with basic informative characteristics, with all its services, as well as large number of curricular letters.